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Filter: Damages
22 February 2018
Landlords who have tenants that they believe are o...

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07 July 2016
My son got hurt at school when a steel post holding a newly planted tree upright, punctured his leg while he and his friends were playing on the school grounds. The school denies any negligence and feels that my son should have kept a sharp...

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08 September 2015
A plumber visited my new house to repair a water leak in my upstairs bathroom. He fell from the second story of my house and claims that he fell because I did not have stair railings. I...

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11 June 2015
You are a supervisor managing a number of staff. The business is upon hard times and this stress spills over into the workplace where staff tempers are short. One day a heated argument between employees arise. When you try and calm them dow...

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08 July 2014
Motorists on our South African roads are exposed on a daily basis to the very real risk of colliding with an animal. Road signs on our roads warn motorists against anything from penguins to hippos, cattle to porcupines, all which might be f...

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