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Debt recovery

Debt recovery
Through years of experience we have developed an innovative debt collection solution that differentiates us from other attorneys and debt collectors. Our collections are handled on a “no success no fee basis”.

We measure our performance by the amounts collected and not by the level of legal action taken or the fees generated. Our clients only receive payments - not accounts!

Our conduct is regulated by the Attorneys Act, 53 of 1979 and the Rules of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces. We have -
  • the capacity to do large volume consumer debt collection
  • the resources to do online investigations of debtors to optimize collection results
  • an in-depth knowledge and expertise in credit law and specifically the National Credit Act
Our debt collection department is divided into 3 divisions, namely:

  • A Call Centre where we follow a “soft” - collection approach encouraging debtors to make acceptable payment arrangements in accordance with the client’s guidelines. Payment arrangements are done by way of written acknowledgements of debt combined with


    • debit order authorization.
    • a consent to judgment in the event of default.


  • A Payments Division that manages an advanced debit order system and monitors all payment arrangements on a daily basis.


  • A Legal Division that follows the traditional “hard”- approach which includes all legal remedies provided for on the Magistrates Court Act, and where applicable the High Court Act. They handle all matters where –


    • debtors fail to respond to the efforts of our Call Centre; or
    • debtors fail to honor their payment arrangements; or
    • the client instructs us to proceed with immediate legal action.
Reporting and payment normally done on a monthly basis, but can be tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Contact Krisna Jenkins for information on our unique collection options to suit your needs.

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We handle the collection of arrear levies on behalf of various body corporate and homeowners associations.

Body corporate and homeowners associations are unable to function effectively without the successful collection of levies and may ultimately find itself in a position where they are unable to:

  • pay for municipal services to their property;
  • pay insurance premiums;
  • maintenance to their property;
We ensure the fast, effective and dynamic collection of outstanding levies to ensure that body corporate and homeowners associations remain financially sound and efficient.
We assist a number of property management companies, private owners and estate agents in

  • the collection of current monthly rentals;
  • the collection of arrear rentals;
  • the eviction of illegal tenants.
We provide expert advice regarding the intricacies of the law of landlord and tenant, hypothecs and securities and ensure that steps are taken to limit the landlords liability.
When dealing with commercial debt collections (business to business collections) the amounts of the debts involved are usually substantially higher than the debt of private debtors. 

We offer the following:

  • professional, efficient and prioritized handling of matters;
  • in depth knowledge of the applicable credit and insolvency law;
  • assistance in securing debts
We specialize in the collection of arrear school fees. Over the last 20 years we have developed unique methods to collect arrear school fees on a contingency – basis.

Our clients receive payments, not accounts.

We are sensitive to the unique relationship between the school and the defaulting parents. We therefore follow an initial “soft” collection approach encouraging the defaulting parents to make payment arrangements, which we collect through an advanced debit order system. We only take legal action as a last resort to ensure payments, thus securing a stable relationship between the school and the parent.

As part of our comprehensive service to schools, we

  • conduct regular audits, and advice on your debt management policies and procedures;
  • advise on employment law issues in respect of staff appointed by governing bodies;
  • provide general legal advice with regard to governing body matters;
  • provide training of administrative staff regarding processes, documentation and handover and accounting procedures.
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